Parking at Port Everglades

For the most current parking information for Port Everglades, please visit their website at:

Once our Cruise Terminal is confirmed, we will be able to determine which port entrance and parking area is most convenient and will update our information at that time.

Be prepared to pay for parking fees after your cruise. They accept cash or a major credit card.

If you have parking questions not answered on their website or special parking needs, it is best to contact SP Parking directly at: 954-468-3680.

What Passengers Think

I have been on all 5 cruises and have loved every minute! I can now say I have friends from all over the world, we are a family. It is an amazing experience! Keep up the good work! Thanks for the memories!

Keva Adams, It is an amazing experience! Keva Adams, It is an amazing experience!

I have been on all 5 Rock Legends Cruises and booked for 6. Great Music, Great People, Great Times. The musicians are awesome and a lot of them like to spend time hanging out with their fans. And while you are having a fabulous time you are also supporting the Native American Heritage Association.

Pam Martin, AMAZING Pam Martin, AMAZING